Freetown | About Place Journal, May 2019

Creative Nonfiction

Moments with Barred Owls | Zoomorphic, May 2017
Guyibera | The Curlew, Spring 2017
Wantage, New Jersey | The Place Where You Live, Orion, January/February 2016


Climate Change as "Evidence of Upheaval": Insights from Barry Lopez’s Arctic Dreams | Kudzu House Quarterly, Winter 2016-2017

Book Reviews

Mourn We Must | A book review of Mourning Nature edited by Ashlee Cunsolo and Karen Landman, The Goose, September 2018
Sea Change | A book review of Deep Salt Water by Marianne Apostolides, The Goose, August 2017
The Gourmand's Dilemma | A book review of The Green and the Red by Armand Chauvel, The Goose, February 2016

Journalism and Blog Entries

In the path of the jaguar | Dirt, March/April 2019
Walking with (not riding on) elephants | Dirt, January/February 2019
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A Reel Education | The Milford Journal, December 2010/January 2011