The Hopper

In 2015, I helped two other women found The Hopper, an environmental literary magazine. We published online content regularly and made our first print issue. In addition to editing prose and copyediting all content, I became managing editor when work began on our second print issue. We are now four issues in and publishing weekly online at hoppermag.org.

"Working with Jenna was a great pleasure. She was one of the two or three best editors I have ever worked with—and I've worked with more than twenty editors on my various books. Jenna is thoughtful and meticulous. She has an eye for detail.
This is the most valuable asset an editor can have."

—Clarence Major, Chicago Heat and Other Stories

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I have honed my editing skills as a freelance editor for Green Writers Press, a managing editor for The Hopper, and a copyeditor for The Goose. I am very detail-oriented, so the technical nature of copyediting comes naturally to me, and I'm one of the rare people who enjoys it. I work most frequently with The Chicago Manual of Style and the MLA Style Manual, though I can conduct editing work with another style guide of the author's choice.

I'm pleased to offer my editing services on a sliding scale based on the needs of the client and project. I'm happy to work on book manuscripts, essays, website copy, academic papers, restaurant menus, or any other collection of words that need a second set of eyes. Please contact me for a quote.

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What would you like edited? What is the estimated word count or page number? Are you looking for big picture edits, or simply line edits or a final proofread?

"Jenna’s expert eye brings a high level of polish to our journal. Her work is always dependable, always conscientious,
and I am delighted each time I see a piece of writing improve under her thoughtful guidance."

—Paul Huebener, Co-Editor, The Goose

"I’ve had the fortunate experience to work with Jenna twice. In both instances, I appreciated her understanding of and genuine connection to my pieces and her ability to help me make my work more robust in that regard. Her approach is confident without being overbearing, and she consistently remains open to further dialogue about edits if one of her suggestions is not aligned with the writer’s original intent. It is clear to me that Jenna has only one objective when working with writers:
to help them polish their pieces to shine as bright as possible."

Kristen M. Ploetz, Writer