Braided Streams

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I met Lyndsay in Copenhagen after a layover in Iceland. In the morning, the city was sunny, quiet, and trim. Cobblestone sidewalks lined narrow canals. Jetlagged, we drank coffee in the sun at a rooftop café.

We walked across the city to Nyhavn, a canal street with colorful buildings, restaurants set up on patios, and tour boats in the water. We climbed onto the roof of a docked boat and sat in the sun before continuing along the canal to Free Christiana, a weird hippie corner of town that doesn’t consider itself part of the EU. Vendors sold hash on the sidewalks and graffiti covered skatepark walls. Houseboats on the water were painted with murals and held gardens of potted plants; rich twenty-somethings napped in hammocks as the sun lowered in the sky.

We spent another blue-sky, sunny day in Copenhagen when we returned from the Faroe Islands. We bought curry and mojitos from food stalls and dipped our feet in the cool canal.