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New Zealand Birds

Birding in New Zealand was a completely different world than birding in Australia.  For starters, I didn't have my ornithologist friend with me to confirm my identifications of species.  But this turned out to be okay, considering New Zealand only has about 15% of the number of bird species that Australia has.  Identifying the hawk-like raptor that soared overhead was easy, well, because there is only one: the Australasian Harrier.  Furthermore, there are so many introduced species, that many birds ended up looking quite familiar--the Canada Goose, for example.

One of my favorite birds in New Zealand was the Fantail, about as common and fearless as the Willie Wagtails in Australia.  They were everywhere, it seemed, and incredibly cute and friendly.  I loved watching them flutter about, advertising their beautiful tails, and chirping.  It was also exciting to see many endemic New Zealand birds, especially on the island of Tiri Tiri Matangi.  Below is my list of New Zealand birds.

  1. Common Myna
  2. Masked Lapwing
  3. Red-billed Gull
  4. Black-backed Gull
  5. New Zealand Dotterel
  6. Welcome Swallow
  7. Black-billed Gull
  8. House Sparrow
  9. Caspian Tern
  10. Australian Magpie
  11. California Quail
  12. Fantail
  13. Starling
  14. Australasian Harrier
  15. Blackbird
  16. Skylark
  17. Song Thrush
  18. Kingfisher
  19. Chaffinch
  20. Yellowhammer
  21. Tui
  22. Grey Warbler
  23. Purple Swamp Hen
  24. Paradise Shelduck
  25. Black Swan
  26. Pied Stilt
  27. Grey Teal
  28. Canada Goose
  29. White-faced Heron
  30. White-fronted Tern
  31. Pheasant
  32. Pied Shag
  33. Kaka
  34. New Zealand Pigeon
  35. New Zealand Robin
  36. New Zealand Pipit
  37. Mallard
  38. Whitehead
  39. Silvereye
  40. Goldfinch
  41. Tomtit
  42. Australian Coot
  43. Rock Pigeon
  44. Eastern Rosella
  45. Little Black Shag
  46. Variable Oystercatcher
  47. Pied Oystercatcher
  48. Reef Heron
  49. Little Pied Shag
  50. Red-crowned Parakeet
  51. Saddleback
  52. Kokako
  53. Bellbird
  54. Stitchbird
  55. Takahe
  56. Brown Quail
  57. Fernbird